2006 Ravonn Studios

Auditorium Banners     Joseph Lapp, former president of Eastern Mennonite University (www.emu.edu), commissioned these fabric banners for the university's Lehman Auditorium. The quilt block theme incorporates the Mennonite traditions of quilting and simplicity while providing a splash of color to auditorium's stage. The 16 feet long banners display EMU's vision and mission statements, and are legible from the back row of the auditorium. Sketches were emailed to the University for review; a final design with the quilt blocks chosen and images of the calligraphy for each banner were then emailed to EMU for style suggestions and a final proofreading. The 40 quilt blocks are pieced from 100% cotton fabric and the calligraphy was brushed on the natural muslin fabric in black acrylic paint to maximize legibility. The finished banners were treated with a UV protective finish to prevent fading and seal out dirt. The banners were delivered and installed by Ravonn Studios in time for the University's Homecoming Weekend Celebration.

Family Tree Banner     This banner was commissioned by a couple planning an outdoor wedding. Because of complicated family connections, they wanted a visual outline to help guests understand how family members were connected. The result was a family tree chart painted in acrylic paint on indoor/outdoor canvas with pockets at the top and bottom that hold wooden dowels, which stabilize the banner in an outdoor environment.

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