2006 Ravonn Studios

Wedding Guestbook Sampler     This artwork was created for a couple who loved the outdoors. The bride chose the navy mat and cherry frame and requested that a verse that was meaningful to them be included at the bottom. A border of delicate wildflowers tied in the outdoor beauty and simplicity of their wedding.

    The artwork was lettered on ivory drawing paper using a dip pen and decorated with an archival Millennium pen and watercolor paints. The artwork then was drymounted onto acid-free matboard so that it could hold up to the wind and handling of an outdoor wedding and the navy mat was cut and applied to the artwork to help define the area intended for signatures. For a piece of artwork like this that is signed by many people, it is important to have similar pens available for the guests that you have tested on a similar surface to the artwork to make sure they do not bleed or smear. Ravonn Studios is happy to include a scrap of identical paper to your artwork for this purpose.

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