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      Ravonn Kauffman has been working with letters for over 20 years. Her interest can be traced back to early childhood. Growing up in a log cabin in northern Wisconsin, Ravonn had a tendency to scrawl her name everywhere. Visiting her childhood home, now the Shepherd’s Loft Bed and Breakfast, one can still find her name written on ceiling tiles, walls, and floors in the basement.

      What began as childhood interest has developed considerably over the years. Ravonn’s formal studies at Eastern Mennonite University led to bachelors degrees in psychology and art in the spring of 2002. She then established Ravonn Studios, a calligraphy company currently centered in Cincinnati, Ohio that works with clients on projects ranging from family trees to framed art to banners that stretch over two-stories.

      Ravonn’s artistic style continues to change and develop while remaining rooted in a strong Anabaptist-Christian faith tradition with a focus on maintaining the highest quality of lettering and illumination. Generally, her work demonstrates a unique blend of watercolor and ink expressed through a variety of styles. Examples of traditional styles developed from historic texts can be seen in pieces such as The Prayer of St. Francis de Sales with its late medieval French influence, or The Lord’s Prayer which shows Coptic design and a traditional uncial font.

      Freer, original styles have also been developed. Ravonn has interpreted the Pennsylvania Dutch tradition of fraktur with a broad and vibrant pallet and generated some excitement among her clientele with a unique, whimsical “storybook” style. Other original developments can be seen in the intense color and unique media utilized in the Prayer of Jabez or the softer naturalist illustrations found in The Prayer of Serenity.

      The range and breadth of pieces continues to grow with the mastery of new and traditional scripts and through the development of various media including traditional gold and silver gilding, custom papers, and unique ink and watercolor combinations. With regular visits to the Ravonn Studios websites, you will see the continuing development of style and content.

      Whether you are looking for a unique gift, a piece to add to your own collection, or just browsing, please take your time and enjoy the site. Any suggestions, comments or inquiries are welcome and can be submitted by clicking on the contact button to the left.

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